Whiskey Cake in Las Colinas has only opened it's doors as of last week, but word is already out. We waited a solid 45 for a table - if you want to avoid the likely line, grab a reservation before heading over. The interior of the restaurant is a marriage of Magnolia-esque southern charm and hospitality. People came dressed in everything from Dallas brunch attire, to cutoffs and tees. The vibe is decidedly "come as you are". 

Our waiter David was friendly and happy to answer all our questions regarding our drinks and dinner choices. The cocktails here were some of my favorite in ages. Unique takes on many popular prohibition era drinks. The Texas Bluebonnet, Tequila Rose, Beach Please, and The Great Escape are all excellent from the cocktail menu. 

We tried the deviled eggs as our appetizer, chicken and waffles for our entree. The eggs were too heavy handed with the mustard for my personal preference, still good. In fact, everything we tried was pretty delicious.

BUT, there is a reason that this restaurant/whiskey bar is named after a dessert! GET THE WHISKEY CAKE. It was so good. I mean, so good I forgot to get a picture good. If you love toffee, you are done for. The whiskey cake arrives as a Texas-sized portion, so enlist the help of a friend or plan on taking some home.