In honor of Amazon Prime day, I've decided to do a round up of my favorite Amazon purchases to date.

PRIME is honestly ahhhmazing. I find the convenience and the two day shipping to be invaluable. If you've been on the fence about taking the plunge, Amazon is giving away a free 30 day membership so you can test prime out to your heart's content. Signing up on prime day for the free trial membership means that you should also be able take advantage of the prime day deals, which is basically #winning.

Enough about my love for all things prime - here are my top ten! 

These blue light blocking readers are one of my favorite purchases from Amazon. I use them for both my computer and my iphone. I'm trying to be better about not having screen time right before sleep because blue light interferes with your sleep-wake patterns and suppresses your production of melatonin. These have been a super helpful and practical solution! BUY THE READERS HERE


This travel backpack is a must if you are a frequent traveler. It folds into a pouch in itself right down to the size of your palm for compact transport! I used mine during my trip to Thailand last year and it was beyond helpful. It washes easily and holds up nicely. It also comes in 10 or so colors, so if you are traveling as a family or group everyone can have their own color. It's the perfect size for essentials - a water bottle, snacks, a light jacket. Not too big or bulky and under $15. BUY THE BACKPACK HERE 


If you travel internationally then you know the importance of a good money belt to conceal your cards, money, and ID. With pickpockets upgrading their tech to scan for your info, I opted for an RIFD-blocking money belt. This one is waaaay better than my previous money belt. Bonus: the first pocket is large enough to hold my iPhone 8, so I can be totally hands free if needed! BUY THE MONEY BELT HERE


If you are in the market for a stylus, this one has style + functionality! The cutest rose gold color (and plenty of other colors) I use my stylus for Instagram stories, electronic signatures, and on my tablet for drawing! BUY THE STYLUS HERE 


When I bought a microphone last year for my upcoming vocal projects, I was blissfully unaware that I would need a pop filter. My first run at recording set me straight. This little guy is amazing, under $10, and made for the job. BUY THE POP FILTER HERE


If you are in the market for a light ring for use in photography or vlogging, this is one of the best and most popular light rings available. You can purchase pieces together in a package, or opt for individual items. I chose to purchase the light ring separately because I wanted to create a custom pairing for what would be optimal for my purposes. BUY THE LIGHT RING HERE  


I did a bit of research about tripods before pulling the trigger on buying this one because I honestly didn't know much about them prior to this purchase! I needed something that could multi-flex, aka hold my iPhone for video recording/photography, hold a traditional DSLR, and attach to my light ring. This one is a winner!!! BUY THE TRIPOD HERE


This next favorite was technically a gift, although it totally counts in my book simply by virtue of the length of time it sat on my amazon wish list. I AM A COFFEE FIEND. Maybe it's my Pacific Northwest roots, but I can't get enough of good coffee. Heck, any coffee. I've been so desperate that I may have strained coffee from a (clean) sock in the jungles of South America... long story. A huge upgrade from the sock moment, I give you THE CHEMEX. Many a coffee maker's HG. If you love quality coffee, this is livin' the dream.  BUY THE CHEMEX HERE 


No filters, no coffee. A tragedy most easily remedied. BUY THE FILTERS HERE


If you haven't heard about the many benefits of adding collagen to your daily supplement regimen, head over to my post here. I've tested out 4-5 different brands and types (1,2,3) of collagen, this one continues to lead the pack in my opinion. It definitely helps my joints when I use it regularly - also fantastic for growing hair and nails fast! I mix it in with my morning cup of coffee. Dissolves quickly with hardly any adjustment to overall taste. BUY THE COLLAGEN HERE

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