Image: Deciem

Image: Deciem

The Ordinary beauty company has been racking up accolades and awards at a shocking rate since their arrival on the beauty + skincare scene. Think "best of 2017" on all the big beauty awards lists. 

If you haven't heard of this newcomer brand that's taking the industry by storm, pay attention. Combining high quality ingredients, efficacious formulas, and a shockingly affordable price point for ALL of their products, these folks aren't messing around. 

The Ordinary has mastered the delicate formula of equal parts brains + beauty, and has managed to accomplish something seemingly impossible in the beauty and skincare industry - incredible products at a truly affordable price. Let's just say, big beauty is freaking out.  

LVB has been using The Ordinary beauty and skincare products for the past 5+ months, and we can happily attest that they are most definitely a brand worth your time + money. We've been excitedly following along their journey to greatness, trying every product we can get our hands on. Which turns out to be no small feat, considering their inventory frequently sells out the same day it is restocked (yes, they are THAT good).

You can purchase select items at retailers online like Sephora and ASOS, with the full inventory on their website. We predict the craze over this company is just beginning, so stock up while you can. 

I recommend: 

                                                                                    XX BEAUTY BABE 

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