Nestled into the heart of the Harwood District is the blue jewel, Dolce Riviera. The Italian restaurant evokes a slower pace of time - a leisurely afternoon beside the Italian Riviera, basking in sunlight and all that is right with the world. The elegant yet unpretentious ambience provides the perfect place to steep in a moment with ones you love. 

I had been wanting to try Dolce Riviera for months, celebrating the book release seemed a perfect opportunity to experience this gem in it's understated blue-hued glory. The manager and staff were exceptional, thoughtful, willing to go the extra mile the entirety of our evening.

I recommend the Cosmopolitan Bianco or the Limoncello Amalfitano, for dinner the Gnocchi Al Tartufo, and the Tagliata Di Wagyu All Griglia, both excellent choices. Dessert is not to be skipped. The Semifreddo Al Torroncino Salsa Amaretto was the hands down winner.